ever since the whole connect the hots thing i feel really bad for liking achievement hunter???? idk i feel really sad about it and i dont know why

like im being forced out of a fandom but i dont want to leave 

gfhgjdff id k

  1. going-in-cakeless said: Don’t feel bad ;_; People are slowly calming down and in my opinion, the whole conversation was a slip-up. If you watched the Let’s Play, Geoff and Gavin sounded either tired or wasted. UnU Don’t stop loving them for a mistake, everyone makes them.
  2. brunieburns said: i feel u
  3. raynarblazejr said: If you want to leave the fandom don’t force yourself to stay in it, but if you just don’t like Gavin and Geoff then that is no reason to feel bad about staying in the fandom. They are only 2/6 people in achievement hunter.
  4. picklesthebummer said: its just gavin and geoff tho :^( at least geoff apologized.
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